To make it simple and short...we're a couple of hard working Americans that love enjoying the OUTDOORS with our FAMILY and FRIENDS. Between the two of us, we've got enough kids to field every position on the baseball field, with enough left over for a bench player! We've got a combined 42 years of experience being married...raising kids. All that being said, we appreciate the value of a hard earned dollar!

  • Michelle Dalton


    “I love my Blue Cooler! I travel a ton to fish all of my favorite destinations around the world and my cooler is always an absolute necessity when I’m on the road! The wheels are a game changer.”

  • Michael De Los Santos


    "I love Blue Coolers, they are an important tool for my catering, tailgates, and popup dinners. They aren't just great for keeping drinks cold, they are also great for resting meats and keeping them warm when I take them off the smoker until it is time to slice and serve! I always have at least one cooler with me when firing up the smoker."

  • Phil Lowe


    “This cooler is INDESTRUCTIBLE and AFFORDABLE.  Who can argue with that combo.  Five Stars!”